The purposely dark lighting of the video does not reveal the forend configuration, the iron seems to be gone.

A new OU from a company that till now made nothing but inertia autos is definitely news!

The new OU can be seen in a teaser clip on youtube, right here:

The word teaser ticks me off a little. I happend to have worked with horses and know the use of the term in horse breeding, and it is not flattering to potential customers.

The receiver of he new 828 seems to be of unitary construction, fully covered in the back, where you would normally expect to see a top strap and trigger plate surrounded by the head of the stock. The stock seems to connect with the receiver via stock bolt and the video shows stock adjustment shims just like in modern autos. In fact the shape of the receiver is reminiscent of Benelli autos.

The trigger assembly seems to be detachable, possibly via a small screw at the rear of the trigger guard.

Under the action an apparently detachable trigger plate echoes the famous Ljutic OU. A design which also incorporates a unitary action body with no tangs. Moreover the Ljutic design is suited to low profile, Boss type trunnions and lockup. Although the clip does not show the lockup or the location of the opening lever it is definitely not in the form of the usual top lever.

Also missing is the usual forend iron. Though the clip’s darkness might be concealing it from view, the forend wood apparently touches the receiver metal.

The 828 profile shows the stock adjustment shims and the fully enclosed unitary receiver.

Overal the new 828 seems to incorporate a new and different approach to the type. New in the sense that it veers towards relatively obscurebut sound designs, like the Ljuitc. The design choices seem to bring to the OU the same stock regulation features of curent semi autos, and possibly the same ease of maintenance and parts interchangeability. Arguably the new 828 could accept rifled barrels, which would make it even more appealing. It is an interesting concept in an industry that has been content to use ultra modern machines to replicate designs from the 1920s if not earlier. The word is that the new model will be revealed on Sunday at SHOT SHOW.