the Ribeye training mirror

The Ribeye fixed on the muzzle of a 20 bore Citori.

The traditional method to stabilise your shotgun mount is to mount an empty gun while looking at your eye in a mirror. The problem is that the mirror is usually fixed to one spot on the wall and does not allow mounting at ground targets or practicing for incomers and other angled targets.

This problem is solved by the Ribeye mirror. Constructed of excellent materials, polished stainless and an optical grade mirror, the Ribeye mounts on the muzzle. It is held there by a strong magnet and thus moves with the gun. You can then practice your mount at any target angle.

The Ribeye is a precision item, sporting highly polished stainless steel casing and optical quality mirror.

I have been using the Ribeye for some months now. One glitch that appeared during lively swings is that the polished stainless surface tends to slide on the muzzles. A section of bicycle inner tube slid over the magnetized part soon stopped that.


A piece of bicycle inner tube stopped the slippage of the Ribeye on the muzzle.


The Ribeye with the rubber sleeve on the muzzle can withstand sudden changes of direction with no slippage.

The Ribeye offers an easy and fast way to reinstill repeatability and steadines to shotgun mounting. It is especially useful when switching after months with one type of gun, ie side by side, to another ie over under. Use it long enough to build muscle memory and your mount will become stable, repeatable and automatic.

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